View Source Membrane.RTP.Packet (Membrane RTP plugin v0.22.0)

Defines a struct describing an RTP packet and a way to parse and serialize it. Based on RFC3550

Supports only one-byte header from RFC8285, as according to the document this form is preferred and it must be supported by all receivers.

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Possible padding size.


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@type padding_size() :: 0..255

Possible padding size.

It includes the last byte denoting the size of the padding.

@type t() :: %Membrane.RTP.Packet{header: Membrane.RTP.Header.t(), payload: binary()}

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@spec identify(binary()) :: :rtp | :rtcp
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parse(packet, encrypted?)

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@spec parse(binary(), boolean()) ::
     packet: t(),
     padding_size: padding_size(),
     total_header_size: non_neg_integer()
  | {:error, :wrong_version | :malformed_packet}
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serialize(packet, opts \\ [])

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@spec serialize(t(), [{:padding_size, padding_size()}]) :: binary()