View Source Nebulex.Caching.SimpleKeyGenerator (Nebulex v2.6.2)

Default key generator implementation.

It implementats a simple algorithm:

  • If no params are given, return 0.
  • If only one param is given, return that param as key.
  • If more than one param is given, return a key computed from the hashes of all parameters (:erlang.phash2(args)).

Based on the default key generation in Spring Cache Abstraction.

This implementation aims to cover those simple/generic scenarios where the key generated based on the arguments only, fulfill the needs. For example:

defmodule MyApp.Users do
  use Nebulex.Caching

  alias MayApp.Cache

  @decorate cacheable(cache: Cache)
  def get_user(id) do
    # logic for retrieving a user...

  @decorate cache_evict(cache: Cache)
  def delete_user(id) do
    # logic for deleting a user...

The key generator will generate the same key for both, cacheable and evict functions; since it is generated based on the arguments only.