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For the v2, Nebulex introduces several breaking changes, so this guide aims to highlight most of these changes to make easier the transition to v2. Be aware this guide won't focus on every change, just the most significant ones that can affect how your application code interacts with the cache. Also, it is not a detailed guide about how to translate the current code from older versions to v2, just pointing out the areas the new documentation should be consulted on.


This is one of the biggest changes. Version 1.x, most of the configuration options are resolved in compile-time, which has a lot of limitations. Since version 2.x, only few arguments are configured in compile-time when defining a cache, e.g.: otp_app:, adapter:, and primary_storage_adapter: (for partitioned and replicated adapters). The rest of configuration parameters are given via config file or at startup time. For more information and examples, see Nebulex.Cache, Nebulex.Adapters.Local, Nebulex.Adapters.Partitioned, Nebulex.Adapters.Replicated, Nebulex.Adapters.Multilevel.

Cache API

There are several changes on the Nebulex.Cache API:

  • The :return option is not available anymore, so it has to be removed.
  • The :version option is not available anymore, so it has to be removed.
  • Callback set/3 was refactored to put/3.
  • Callback set_many/2 was refactored to put_all/2.
  • Callback get_many/2 was refactored to get_all/2.
  • Callbacks add/3 and add!/3 were refactored to put_new/3 and put_new!/3.
  • Callback update_counter/3 was refactored to incr/3 and decr/3.
  • Callback add_or_replace/3 was removed.
  • Callback object_info/2 was removed, and callbacks ttl/1 and touch/1 were added instead.

Declarative annotation-based caching via decorators

  • Module Nebulex.Caching.Decorators was refactored to Nebulex.Caching – Keep in mind that since v1.2.x the caching decorators were included instead of the previous macros or DSL (this applies for version lower than v1.1.x).
  • Decorator cache/3 was refactored to cacheable/3.
  • Decorator evict/3 was refactored to cache_evict/3.
  • Decorator update/3 was refactored to cache_put/3.
  • Improved the :match option to return not only a boolean but return a specific value to be cached (term -> boolean | {true, term}) – If true the code-block evaluation result is cached as it is (the default). If {true, value} is returned, then the value is what is cached.


Since v2.x, pre/post hooks are deprecated and won't be longer supported by Nebulex, at least not directly. Mainly, because the hooks feature is not a common use-case and also it is something that can be be easily implemented on top of the Cache at the application level. However, to keep backward compatibility somehow, Nebulex provides decorators for implementing pre/post hooks very easily. For that reason, it is highly recommended to removed all pre/post hooks related code and adapt it to the new way. See Nebulex.Hook for more information.

Built-In Adapters

There have been several and significant improvements on the built-in adapters, so it is also highly recommended to take a look at them; Nebulex.Adapters.Local, Nebulex.Adapters.Partitioned, Nebulex.Adapters.Replicated, and Nebulex.Adapters.Multilevel.

In case of using a distributed adapter, the module Nebulex.Adapter.HashSlot was refactored to Nebulex.Adapter.Keyslot and the callback keyslot /2 to hash_slot/2.


For older versions (<= 1.x), the stats were implemented via a post-hook and the measurements were oriented for counting the number of times a cache function is called. But what is interesting and useful to see is, for instance, the number of writes, hits, misses, evictions, etc. Therefore, the whole stats' functionality was refactored entirely.

  1. This feature is not longer using pre/post hooks. Besides, pre/post hooks are deprecated in v2.x.
  2. The stats support is optional by implementing the Nebulex.Adapter.Stats behaviour from the adapter. However, Nebulex provides a default implementation using [Erlang counters][] which is supported by the local built-in adapter. See the Telemetry guide for more information.
  3. Since Nebulex 2.x on-wards, enabling stats is a matter of setting the option :stats to true. See Nebulex.Cache for more information.

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