API Reference nova v0.9.4



Interface module for nova
Nova application behaviour callback (Not used)
Channels is a pubsub system for Nova. It uses the pg module.

This module is responsible for all the different return types a controller have. Nova is constructed in such way that it's really easy to extend it by using handlers. A handler is basically a module consisting of a function of arity 4. We will show an example of this.

Plugins can be run at two different times; either in the beginning or at the end of a request. They can modify both the actual request or the nova-state. A plugin is implemented with the nova_plugin behaviour and needs to implement three different functions: pre_request/2, post_request/2 and plugin_info/0.

All kind of operations on sessions is handled by the nova_session-module. The module also presents a behaviour that can be used to create customized backends for the session-data.
Nova supervisor
Callback controller for handling websockets