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Include other Nova applications

You can include other nova applications as part of your release. Just include them as regular rebar3-deps and bootstrap them by telling your application to include them.

If you would include the application nova_admin into your app testapp, your sys.config could look something like this:

{nova_applications, [
    #{name => "testapp",
      routes_file => "priv/testapp.routes.erl"},
    #{name => "nova_admin",
      prefix => "/admin"}

This tells nova that you want to include the nova_admin application and prefix all of its paths with /admin.


App definition

KeyDefinitionDefault value
nameName of the apprequired
routes_filePath to route filepriv/$APP.routes.erl
prefixIf the entire app should be prefixed""
securitySecure all routes for this application with security handlerfalse


    #{name => "myapp",
      routes_file => "priv/myapp.routes.erl",
      prefix => "/my_app",
      security => {my_sec_handler, sec_function}