API Reference oasis v0.4.0


Error raised when some reason could not process the request due to client error.

This error is used to indicate could not parse a parameter into the type due to client error.

This error is used to indicate the provided token is expired, revoked, malformed, or invalid.

This error is used to indicate could not pass the validation of the defined json schema.

This error is used to indicate there missing a required parameter due to client error.

Base on Plug.Builder, this module can be use-d into a module in order to build a plug pipeline

Error raised when use an invalid file path to generate corresponding modules.

Error raised when use some invalid OpenAPI specification to generate corresponding modules.

Functionality for providing Bearer HTTP authentication.

A plug to convert types and validate the HTTP request parameters by the schemas of the OpenAPI definition.

Base on Plug.Router to add a pre-parser to convert and validate the path param(s) in the final generated HTTP verb match functions.

A simple wrapper of Plug.Crypto to provide a way to generate and verify bearer token for use in the bearer security scheme of the OpenAPI Specification.

A module to represent crypto-related key information.

Mix Tasks

Generates router and plug handlers for a proper OpenAPI Specification in YAML or JSON file.