API Reference off_broadway_splunk v2.0.0



A generic behaviour for implementing Splunk clients for OffBroadway.Splunk.Producer.

GenStage Producer for a Splunk Event Stream. Broadway producer acts as a consumer for Splunk report or alerts.

GenServer responsible for fetching jobs from the Splunk Web API, and maintain a queue for which jobs that should be processed by the OffBroadway.Splunk.Producer. This process is automatically started as part of the Broadway supervision tree.

Default Splunk client used by OffBroadway.Splunk.Producer to receive data from Splunk. This module implements the OffBroadway.Splunk.Client and Broadway.Acknowledger behaviours which define callbacks for receiving and acknowledging messages. Since Splunk does not have any concept of acknowledging consumed messages, we need to keep track of what messages that are consumed ourselves (more on that later).