View Source Swoosh.ApiClient.Finch (Swoosh v1.16.10)

Finch-based ApiClient for Swoosh.

config :swoosh, :api_client, Swoosh.ApiClient.Finch

In order to use Finch API client, you must start Finch and provide a :name. Often in your supervision tree:

children = [
  {Finch, name: Swoosh.Finch}

Or, in rare cases, dynamically:

Finch.start_link(name: Swoosh.Finch)

If a name different from Swoosh.Finch is used, or you want to use an existing Finch instance, you can provide the name via the config.

config :swoosh,
  api_client: Swoosh.ApiClient.Finch,
  finch_name: My.Custom.Name