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Dynamic Workers Management


  • Scaffold for the supervised DynamicSupervisor
  • No code for managing processes required
  • Implementation is as easy as 4 callbacks
  • Behaviour-driven consumers
  • Consistent state and callbacks on state changes (like restarting)

Dynamic Workers Management Examples

Task Management


  • Task supervision tree for granted
  • Infinite retries until succeeded
  • Async execution of a single task with retries
  • Async execution of many tasks with retries
  • Limited amount of retries
  • Delay between retries
  • Callbacks on on_retry, on_success, on_fail
  • Configurable “success” treatment
  • Task scheduling and draining, cron-like execution

Task Management Examples

Job Management


  • Fully supported cron syntax
  • Job callback with an ability to cancel and reschedule jobs
  • Easy configuration via project, config, or external file
  • No persistent storage required
  • Stream with all the upcoming cron events by cron record
  • Tarearbol.Calendar.{beginning_of,end_of}/2 with full Calendar support

Job Management Examples