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Library bringing erlang typespecs to runtime.

Provides on-the-fly type validation, typed structs with upserts validation and more.


Dealing with Types

Tyyppi allows the runtime validation of types, specified as specs. To use all the features, one should start Tyyppi.Stats process within the application supervision tree.

Internally, the library keeps the types as instances of Tyyppi.T struct.



Accepts the type and returns back Tyyppi.T instance. It’s unlikely you’d need to call this macro directly.

iex|tyyppi|1  Tyyppi.parse atom
#⇒ %Tyyppi.T{
#    definition: {:type, 0, :atom, []},
#    module: nil,
#    name: nil,
#    params: [],
#    quoted: {:atom, [], []},
#    source: nil,
#    type: :built_in
#  }

Remote types are also supported, if they are known to the system. To get an access to remote types, one must start Tyyppi.Stats process by calling Tyyppi.Stats.start_link/1.

iex|tyyppi|2  Tyyppi.parse GenServer.on_start
#⇒ %Tyyppi.T{
#    definition: {:type, 700, :union,
#     [
#       {:type, 0, :tuple, [{:atom, 0, :ok}, {:type, 700, :pid, []}]},
#       {:atom, 0, :ignore},
#       {:type, 0, :tuple,
#        [
#          {:atom, 0, :error},
#          {:type, 700, :union,
#           [
#             {:type, 0, :tuple,
#              [{:atom, 0, :already_started}, {:type, 700, :pid, []}]},
#             {:type, 700, :term, []}
#           ]}
#        ]}
#     ]},
#    module: GenServer,
#    name: :on_start,
#    params: [],
#    quoted: {{:., [], [GenServer, :on_start]}, [], []},
#    source: ".../lib/elixir/ebin/Elixir.GenServer.beam",
#    type: :type
#  }



Validates the term given as the second parameter against type given as the first parameter.

iex|tyyppi|3  Tyyppi.of? GenServer.on_start(), {:ok, self()}
#⇒ true
iex|tyyppi|4  Tyyppi.of? GenServer.on_start(), :ok
#⇒ false



The same as Tyyppi.of?/2 but it expects an instance of Tyyppy.T (as returned by Tyyppi.parse/1) as the first parameter.

iex|tyyppi|5  type = Tyyppi.parse(GenServer.on_start)
iex|tyyppi|6  Tyyppi.of_type? type, {:ok, self()}
#⇒ true



Experimental accepts spec type, function and the list of arguments, checks whether the argument list conforms the spec, applies the function if so, checks the result against the spec and returns either {:ok, result} tuple or {:error, {reason, value}} tuple otherwise.

See Tyyppi.apply/3 docs for examples and details.


Dealing with Structs

Tyyppi provides the handy way to build typed structs. The struct declared with Tyyppi.Struct.defstruct/1 automatically declares the public type with all the fields properly declared, as well as provides the ability to introduce additional validations and casting on per-field basis. It also optionally exposes Access implementation that also would allow upserts if and only the casted value passed validations (both againts the type and a custom validator, if it was declared.)