API Reference ArangoX Ecto v1.3.1



Methods for interacting with ArangoDB that aren't through Ecto.

Ecto adapter for ArangoDB using ArangoX

Defines an analyzer for use in views

Defines an Arango Edge collection as an Ecto Schema Module.

Methods for interacting with ArangoDB GeoJSON and geo related functions

Defines Ecto Migrations for ArangoDB

Represent a collection in ArangoDB

Represents a collection index in ArangoDB

Converts Ecto.Query structs into AQL syntax.

This module is a helper to automatically specify the primary key.

Defines a GeoJSON type for use in ecto schemas

Helper methods

ArangoSearch view module

Defines the structure of a link

Migration task helper functions


Mix Tasks

Generates a migration.

Runs Migration/Rollback functions from migration modules

Sets up all necessary aspects of the adapter