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AshPostgres supports all capabilities of an Ash data layer, and it will most likely stay that way, as postgres is the primary target/most maintained data layer.

Custom Predicates:

  • AshPostgres.Predicates.Trigram


See the DSL documentation in AshPostgres.DataLayer for DSL documentation


First, ensure you've added ash_postgres to your mix.exs file.

{:ash_postgres, "~> x.y.z"}

To use this data layer, you need to define an Ecto.Repo. AshPostgres adds some functionality on top of ecto repos, so you'll want to use AshPostgres.Repo

Then, configure your resource like so:

postgres do
  repo MyApp.Repo
  table "table_name"

Generating Migrations

See the documentation for Mix.Tasks.AshPostgres.GenerateMigrations for how to generate migrations from your resources