View Source What is AshPostgres?

AshPostgres is the PostgreSQL Ash.DataLayer for Ash Framework. This is the most fully-featured Ash data layer, and unless you need a specific characteristic or feature of another data layer, you should use AshPostgres.

Use this to persist records in a PostgreSQL table or view. For example, the resource below would be persisted in a table called tweets:

defmodule MyApp.Tweet do
  use Ash.Resource,
    data_layer: AshPostgres.DataLayer

  attributes do
    integer_primary_key :id
    attribute :text, :string

  relationships do
    belongs_to :author, MyApp.User

  postgres do
    table "tweets"
    repo MyApp.Repo

The table might look like this:

1"Hello, world!"1

Creating records would add to the table, destroying records would remove from the table, and updating records would update the table.