Bamboo.DeliverLaterStrategy behaviour (bamboo v2.3.0) View Source

Behaviour for delivering emails with Bamboo.Mailer.deliver_later/1.

Use this behaviour to create strategies for background email delivery. You could make a strategy using a GenServer, a background job library or whatever else you decide.

Bamboo ships with two strategies:

Example of setting custom strategies

config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer,
  adapter: Bamboo.MandrillAdapter, # or whatever adapter you want
  deliver_later_strategy: MyCustomStrategy

Example of creating a custom strategy for delivering later using Task.async

defmodule Bamboo.TaskAsyncStrategy do
  @behaviour Bamboo.DeliverLaterStrategy

  # This is a strategy for delivering later using Task.async
  def deliver_later(adapter, email, config) do
    Task.async fn ->
      # Always call deliver on the adapter so that the email is delivered.
      adapter.deliver(email, config)

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deliver_later(atom, %Bamboo.Email{}, map)

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    assigns: term(),
    attachments: term(),
    bcc: term(),
    blocked: term(),
    cc: term(),
    from: term(),
    headers: term(),
    html_body: term(),
    private: term(),
    subject: term(),
    text_body: term(),
    to: term()
) :: any()