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Sends email using SendGrid's JSON API.

Use this adapter to send emails through SendGrid's API. Requires that an API key is set in the config.

If you would like to add a replyto header to your email, then simply pass it in using the header property or put_header function like so:

put_header("reply-to", "")

To set arbitrary email headers, set them in the headers property of the Bamboo.Email struct. Note that some header names are reserved for use by Sendgrid. See here for full list.

Example config

# In config/config.exs, or, etc.
config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer,
  adapter: Bamboo.SendGridAdapter,
  api_key: "my_api_key",
    # or {:system, "SENDGRID_API_KEY"},
    # or {ModuleName, :method_name, []}
  hackney_opts: [
    recv_timeout: :timer.minutes(1)

# To enable sandbox mode (e.g. in development or staging environments),
# in config/dev.exs or config/prod.exs etc
config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer, sandbox: true

# Define a Mailer. Maybe in lib/my_app/mailer.ex
defmodule MyApp.Mailer do
  use Bamboo.Mailer, otp_app: :my_app

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Callback implementation for Bamboo.Adapter.deliver/2.