API Reference bamboo v2.3.0


Behaviour for creating Bamboo adapters

Error used to represent a problem when sending emails through an external email service API.

Behaviour for delivering emails with Bamboo.Mailer.deliver_later/1.

Contains functions for composing emails.

Converts data to email addresses.

Strategy for Bamboo.Mailer.deliver_later/1 that sends the email immediately.

Behaviour for creating an Interceptor.

Stores emails locally. Can be queried to see sent emails.

Functions for delivering emails using adapters and delivery strategies.

Sends email using Mailgun's API.

Functions for using features specific to Mailgun (e.g. tagging, templates).

Sends email using Mandrill's JSON API.

Functions for using features specific to Mandrill (e.g. tagging, merge vars, templates).

Sends email using SendGrid's JSON API.

Functions for using features specific to Sendgrid.

Used for storing and retrieving sent emails when used with Bamboo.LocalAdapter.

A plug that exposes delivered emails over a JSON API.

A plug that can be used in your router to see delivered emails.

Default strategy. Sends an email in the background using Task.Supervisor.

Render emails with layouts, view modules, and templates.

Helpers for testing email delivery.

Used for testing email delivery.

Compiles and renders templates defined in a given path.

Exception raised when a template cannot be found.