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explain allows you to dig deeper into an issue, by showing you details about the issue and the reasoning by it being reported. As a convenience, you can just copy-paste the filename:line_number:column string from the report behind the Credo command to check it out.

Example usage:

$ mix credo


┃ [C] ↗ There is no whitespace around parentheses/brackets most of the time, but here there is.
┃       lib/my_app/server.ex:10:24 #(Credo.Code.InterpolationHelperTest)
          copy this and use it with `mix credo`!


$ mix credo lib/my_app/server.ex:10:24          # show explanation for the issue

Please note that you do not have to specify the explain command explicitly when using an issue location:

$ mix credo lib/my_app/server.ex:10:24          # short-hand without `explain`
$ mix credo explain lib/my_app/server.ex:10:24  # identical to this

Credits: This is inspired by how you can snap the info from failed tests behind mix test.

Command Line Switches


Display the explanation in a specific format (json)

$ mix credo explain lib/my_app/server.ex:10:24 --format json