drab v0.10.5 API Reference


Drab allows to query and manipulate the User Interface directly from the Phoenix server backend

Browser related functions

Enable Drab on the browser side. Must be included in HTML template, for example in web/templates/layout/app.html.eex

Provides various encoders/decoders to store values in the string

Drab Commander is a module to keep event handler functions

Drab configuration

Set up Drab options for pages generated by the controller

Drab module providing the base of communication between the browser and the server

HTML element query and manipulation library

Drab Module to provide a live access and update of assigns of the template, which is currently rendered and displayed in the browser

This is an implementation of EEx.Engine that injects Drab.Live behaviour

Drab Template Engine, uses Drab.Live.EExEngine to compile templates

Drab Module to launch Bootstrap Modal in the browser

Conveniences for Phoenix.Presence

Drab Module which provides interface to jQuery on the server side. You may query (select/2) or manipulate (update/2, insert/2, delete/2, execute/2) the selected DOM object

Drab operates on websockets. To enable it, you need to tell your application’s socket module to use Drab. For this, you will need to modify the socket module (by default it is UserSocket in web/channels/user_socket.ex)

Enables Drab Waiter functionality - synchronous wait for browser events in the Commander handler function

Module with named helpers generated from DrabTestApp.Router


Raised when misconfigured, for example trying to call not declared handler

Raised when function tries to query disconnected page

Raised when the browser encounters a JS error or the timeout for the current operation

Mix Tasks

Generates a Drab commander

Installs Drab in the current Phoenix application. It does inject lines of code to the existing .ex, .exs and *.eex files, so it is wise to commit before continuing