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Kubernetes API Client for Elixir

Kubernetes API Client.

Kubernetes API Error

Allows for registration of K8s.Client.Provider handlers per-process.

Kubernetes API Error

Helper functions for HTTP stream processing.

HTTP Helpers for test suite.

A registry for open connections. As HTTP/2 allows simultaneous requests, we handle multiple requests with one process. In this case, the registry stores the PID of the HTTPAdapter which is connected according to the given connection details (URI/opts).

The Mint client implementation. This module handles both, HTTP requests and websocket connections.

Maintains the state of a HTTP or Websocket request.

HTTP Request / Response provider behaviour

K8s.Client runner to process a batch of operations in parallel.

Base HTTP processor for K8s.Client.

Takes a K8s.Client.list/3 operation and returns an Elixir Stream of resources.

:list K8s.Operation encapsulated with pagination and K8s.Conn

Watches a K8s.Client.list/3 operation and returns an Elixir Stream of events.

Takes a K8s.Client.list/3 operation and returns an Elixir Stream of resources.

Waiting functionality for K8s.Client.

Handles authentication and connection configuration details for a Kubernetes cluster. The %K8s.Conn{} struct is required in order to run any object against the cluster. Use any of the functions defined in this module to create a %K8s.Conn{} struct and pass it to the functions of K8s.Client.

Authorization behaviour

auth-provider authentication support

auth-provider for azure

basic auth cluster authentication

Certificate based cluster authentication.

Cluster authentication for kube configs created by doctl, the DigitalOcean CLI

Cluster authentication for kube configs using an exec section.

The state of the exec worker

Authentication using a service account token

A GenServer that reads a service account token from a file and refreshes it

The state of the service account worker

Token based cluster authentication

Retrieves information from certificates

Encapsulates HTTP request options for an authentication provider.

Kubernetes API Discovery

Driver behaviour for K8s.Discovery

File Driver for Kubernetes API discovery.

HTTP Driver for Kubernetes API discovery

Kubernetes API Groups

Interface for interacting with cluster middleware

Encapsulates middleware process errors

HTTP Request middleware

Naive JSON body encoder.

Initializes a request with connection details (header and HTTPoison opts) from K8s.Conn.RequestOptions

K8s.Middlware stacks to apply to a K8s.Conn

Encapsulates Kubernetes REST API operations.

Generates Kubernetes REST API Paths

Kubernetes manifest attribute helpers

Helper functions for accessing common fields

Provides an accessor to a list of maps whereas each element in the list has a key named "name". The name should be unique within the list and therefore defining the element.

Deserializers for CPU and Memory values

Telemetry event defimitions for this library

Attaches telemetry events to the Elixir Logger

Telemetry event defimitions for this library