API Reference Kino v0.12.3



Client-driven interactive widgets for Livebook.

A kino for rendering a binary audio.

Various widgets for user interactions.

A kino for interactively viewing tabular data.

A kino for downloading file content.

A kino for interactively viewing an ETS table.

Provides access to notebook files.

Exception raised when access to a notebook file is forbidden.

A placeholder for outputs.

A kino for rendering HTML content.

Functions related to hub integrations and Livebook apps.

A kino for rendering a binary image.

Various input elements for entering data.

A struct wrapping any term for default rendering.

Exception raised to stop evaluation in expected manner.

Allows for defining custom JavaScript powered kinos.

Introduces state and event-driven capabilities to JavaScript powered kinos.

State available in Kino.JS.Live server callbacks.

Layout utilities for arranging multiple kinos together.

A kino for rendering Markdown content.

A kino for rendering Mermaid graphs.

This module contains kinos for generating visualizations to help introspect your running processes.

Functions for working with remote nodes.

Protocol defining term formatting in the context of Livebook.

Shortcuts for building Kinos.

An interface for defining custom smart cells.

A behaviour module for implementing tabular kinos.

Conveniences for testing custom Kino components.

A kino for rendering text content.

A kino for interactively viewing nested data as a tree view.

A kino for rendering a binary video.