View Source Membrane.RTC.Engine.Event.RequestTrackVariant (Membrane RTC Engine v0.11.0)

Event for changing track variant that is currently being received.

Sending this event will cause the engine to send a keyframe request event to the track origin. Once the engine receives a keyframe for the requested track variant, it will start forwarding it to the requester.

If the requested track variant becomes inactive before being delivered it has to be re-requested when it becomes active again.

See also Membrane.RTC.Engine.Event.TrackVariantSwitched.

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Type describing RequestTrackVariant event.

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@type t() :: %Membrane.RTC.Engine.Event.RequestTrackVariant{
  reason: atom() | nil,
  variant: Membrane.RTC.Engine.Track.variant()

Type describing RequestTrackVariant event.