View Source mix app.start (Mix v1.16.1)

Starts all registered apps.

First, this task guarantees that all dependencies are in place and that the current project has been compiled. Then, the current application is started as a temporary application, unless :start_permanent is set to true in your project configuration or the --permanent option is given. Setting it to permanent guarantees the node will shut down if the application terminates (typically because its root supervisor has terminated).


  • :start_permanent - the application and all of its children applications are started in permanent mode. Defaults to false.

  • :start_concurrently - applications are started concurrently whenever possible. This option only has an effect on Erlang/OTP 26+. Defaults to false.

Command line options

  • --force - forces compilation regardless of compilation times
  • --temporary - starts the application as temporary
  • --permanent - starts the application as permanent
  • --preload-modules - preloads all modules defined in applications
  • --no-archives-check - does not check archives
  • --no-compile - does not compile even if files require compilation
  • --no-deps-check - does not check dependencies
  • --no-elixir-version-check - does not check Elixir version
  • --no-start - does not actually start applications, only compiles and loads code