View Source mix deps.update (Mix v1.16.3)

Updates the given dependencies.

The given dependencies and the projects they depend on will be unlocked and updated to the latest version according to their version requirements.

Since this is a destructive action, updating all dependencies only occurs when the --all command line option is passed.

All dependencies are automatically recompiled after update.

mix deps.unlock + mix deps.get

Upgrading a dependency often requires the projects it depends on to upgrade too. If you would rather update a single dependency and not touch its children, you can explicitly unlock the single dependency and run mix deps.get:

$ mix deps.unlock some_dep
$ mix deps.get

Command line options

  • --all - updates all dependencies
  • --only - only fetches dependencies for given environment
  • --target - only fetches dependencies for given target
  • --no-archives-check - does not check archives before fetching deps