API Reference opentelemetry v1.4.0



The Batch Span Processor implements the otel_span_processor behaviour.

Merges environment variable configuration values with application configuration. The OS environment variables take precedence over the application environment.
A test exporter for sending trace spans to an Erlang PID as message.
Exporter that prints spans to stdout.
A test reporter that keeps finished spans in an ETS table.
This module provides the behaviour to implement for custom trace and span id generation and the default implementation of the generators which produces random 128 bit and 64 bit integers for the trace id and span id.

A Resource is attributes representing the entity producing telemetry. For example, by default the language (Erlang), name of this library (opentelemetry) and version of this library are included in the Resource.

Adds attributes to the Resource based on the value of resource in the opentelemetry application's environment.

Resource detectors are responsible for reading in attributes about the runtime environment of a node (such as an environment variable or some metadata endpoint provided by a cloud host) and returning a otel_resource:t() made from those attributes.

A sampler is a function run on each started span that returns whether to record and propagate, only record or not record the span.
This sampler always decides to neither record nor sample each span.
This sampler always decides to record and sample each span.

This sampler makes the decision based on the parent, with the following possibilities: 1) a remote parent that is sampled (by default always_on); 2) a remote parent that is not sampled (by default always_off); 3) a local parent that is sampled (by default always_on); 4) a local parent that is not sampled (by default always_off); 5) no parent (by default always_on).

This sampler samples a configured percentage of spans, where the sampling decision is deterministic with respect to the span trace id, i.e., it always makes the same decision for the same trace id.

This Span Processor synchronously exports each ended Span.

ETS backed interface for working with spans.
Module for setting the global limits for the number of attributes, events and links on a Span.
Behaviour each Span Processor must implement.
The span sweeper is a process that can be configured to remove, either by finishing or deleting, spans that are still active after a period of time.
Functional interface for span_ctx and span records.
This module is the SDK's implementation of the TracerProvider. The calls to the server are done from the API module otel_tracer_provider. This gen_server is started as part of the SDK's supervision tree and registers itself as the default TracerProvider by using the name otel_tracer_provider as its name.