View Source otel_span_processor behaviour (opentelemetry v1.4.0)

Behaviour each Span Processor must implement.

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Starts a span processor.

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-type processor_config() :: term().

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-callback force_flush(processor_config()) -> ok | {error, term()}.
-callback on_end(opentelemetry:span(), processor_config()) ->
          true | dropped | {error, invalid_span} | {error, no_export_buffer}.
-callback on_start(otel_ctx:t(), opentelemetry:span(), processor_config()) -> opentelemetry:span().
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-callback processor_init(pid(), processor_config()) -> processor_config().

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start_link(Module, Config)

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-spec start_link(module(), Config) -> {ok, pid(), Config} | {error, term()}
              when Config :: processor_config().

Starts a span processor.

Module must implement the otel_span_processor behaviour. This function calls Module:start_link/1 with Config as the argument.