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A Resource is attributes representing the entity producing telemetry. For example, by default the language (Erlang), name of this library (opentelemetry) and version of this library are included in the Resource.

This module provides the functional interface for working with the resource record.

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values allowed in attributes of a resource are limited

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-type key() :: unicode:latin1_binary() | atom().
values allowed in attributes of a resource are limited
-type schema_url() :: uri_string:uri_string().
-type t() :: #resource{} | undefined.
-type value() :: unicode:latin1_binary() | integer() | float() | boolean().

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-spec attributes(t()) -> otel_attributes:t() | undefined.
-spec create(#{key() => value()} | [{key(), value()}]) -> t().
-spec create(#{key() => value()} | [{key(), value()}], schema_url() | undefined) -> t().
-spec is_key(key(), t()) -> boolean().
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merge(Resource, Current)

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-spec merge(t(), t()) -> t().
-spec schema_url(t()) -> schema_url() | undefined.