API Reference Phoenix LiveView v0.18.1



Define reusable function components with HEEx templates.

LiveComponents are a mechanism to compartmentalize state, markup, and events in LiveView.

The struct representing an internal unique reference to the component instance, available as the @myself assign in stateful components.

LiveView provides rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML.

The struct returned by components in .heex templates.

The struct returned by for-comprehensions in .heex templates.

Helpers for rendering LiveViews from a controller.

An EEx template engine that tracks changes.

The HTMLEngine that powers .heex templates and the ~H sigil.

Format HEEx templates from .heex files or ~H sigils.

Provides commands for executing JavaScript utility operations on the client.

Instrumenter to handle logging of Phoenix.LiveView and Phoenix.LiveComponent life-cycle events.

The struct returned by .heex templates.

Provides LiveView routing for Phoenix routers.

The LiveView socket for Phoenix Endpoints.

The struct representing an upload.

The struct representing an upload entry.

Conveniences for testing Phoenix LiveViews.

The struct for testing LiveViews.