API Reference phoenix_swagger v0.8.3


The PhoenixSwagger module provides macros for defining swagger operations and schemas.

This module defines a DSL for defining swagger definitions in a JSON-API conformant format.

Defines the swagger path DSL for specifying Controller actions. This module should not be imported directly, it will be automatically imported in the scope of a swagger_path macro body.

A swagger operation object ties together parameters, responses, etc. See http://swagger.io/specification/#operationObject

A swagger parameter definition, similar to a Schema, but swagger defines parameter name (and some other options) to be part of the parameter object itself. See http://swagger.io/specification/#parameterObject

The DSL builds paths out of individual operations, so this is a flattened version of a swagger Path. The nest function will convert this to a nested map before final conversion to a JSON map. See http://swagger.io/specification/#pathsObject

A swagger response definition. The response status (200, 404, etc.) is the key in the containing map. See http://swagger.io/specification/#responseObject

Swagger UI in a plug

A plug to automatically validate all requests in a given scope. Please make sure to

Struct and helpers for swagger schema.

Testing helper module that makes it convenient to assert that phoenix controller responses conform to a swagger spec.

The PhoenixSwagger.Validator module provides converter of swagger schema to ex_json_schema structure for further validation.

Mix Tasks

Generates swagger.json file based on phoenix router and controllers.