API Reference RDF.ex v0.9.0



The top-level module of RDF.ex.

A RDF blank node (aka bnode) is a local node of a graph without an IRI.

A behaviour for implementations of blank node identifier generation algorithms.

An implementation of a RDF.BlankNode.Generator.Algorithm which returns RDF.BlankNodes with incremented identifiers.

An abstraction over the different data structures for collections of RDF statements.

A set of RDF.Graphs.

A set of RDF triples about the same subject.

A data structure for diffs between RDF.Graphs and RDF.Descriptions.

A set of RDF triples with an optional name.

A structure for IRIs.

RDF.Literal.Datatype for rdf:langStrings.

A structure for RDF lists.

RDF literals are leaf nodes of a RDF graph containing raw data, like strings, numbers etc.

A behaviour for datatypes for RDF.Literals.

A generic RDF.Literal.Datatype for literals of an unknown datatype.

RDF.NQuads provides support for reading the N-Quads serialization format.

RDF.Namespaces for fundamental RDF vocabularies.

The OWL vocabulary.

The RDF vocabulary.

The RDFS vocabulary.

The SKOS vocabulary.

The XML Schema datatypes vocabulary.

RDF.NTriples provides support for reading and writing the N-Triples serialization format.

A behaviour for resolvers of atoms to RDF.IRIs.

A mapping a prefix atoms to IRI namespaces.

A bidirectional mappings from atom names to RDF.IRIs of properties.

Helper functions for RDF quads.

The RDF Graph query API.

A struct for Basic Graph Pattern queries.

General functions for working with RDF serializations.

A behaviour for decoders of strings encoded in a specific RDF.Serialization format.

A behaviour for encoders of RDF.Graphs or RDF.Datasets in a specific RDF.Serialization format.

A behaviour for RDF serialization formats.

General functions for reading a RDF.Graph or RDF.Dataset from a serialization file or encoded-string.

General functions for writing the statements of a RDF.Graph or RDF.Dataset to a serialization file or string.

Sigils for the most common types of RDF nodes.

Helper functions for RDF statements.

Shared behaviour for all RDF terms.

Helper functions for RDF triples.

RDF.Turtle provides support for reading and writing the Turtle serialization format.

A RDF vocabulary as a RDF.Namespace.

An implementation of the XML Schema (XSD) datatype system for use within RDF.Literal.Datatype system.

RDF.XSD.Datatype for XSD anyURIs.

RDF.XSD.Datatype for XSD booleans.

A behaviour for XSD datatypes.

Macros for the definition of primitive XSD datatypes.

A __using__ macro for the derivation of restricted XSD datatypes.

RDF.XSD.Datatype for XSD dateTimes.

RDF.XSD.Datatype for XSD decimals.

RDF.XSD.Datatype for XSD doubles.

A behaviour for XSD restriction facets.

RDF.XSD.Datatype for XSD integers.

Collection of functions for numeric literals.

RDF.XSD.Datatype for XSD strings.