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Top level module


Semigroupoid  Semigroup  Setoid   Foldable   Functor -----------
  Category     Monoid     Ord    Traversable  Apply  Bifunctor  |
   Arrow                            Applicative   Chain       Extend
                                             Monad           Comonad

use Witchcraft

There is a convenient use macro to import all functions in the library.

use Witchcraft

This recursively calls use on all children modules.

Any options passed to use will be passed down to all dependencies.

use Witchcraft, except: [right_fold: 2]

If you would like to not override the functions and operators from Kernel, you can pass the special option override_kernel: false.

use Witchcraft, override_kernel: false

This same style of use is also available on all submodules, and follow the dependency chart (above).