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With this we have a basic GraphQL based API for a blog. Head on over to the github page if you want the final code.

We hope to expand this tutorial to include a comment system that will acquaint you with Union types and Fragments in the coming days.

Head on over to the topic guides for further reading, and see the community page for information on how to get help, ask questions, or contribute!

Please Help!

This tutorial is a work in progress, and while it covers the basics of using Absinthe, there is plenty more that can be added and improved upon. It's important that it's kept up-to-date, too, so if you notice something that's slipped by us, please help us fix it!

Please contribute your GitHub issues (and pull requests!):

  • The tutorial text is under guides/tutorial in the absinthe repository. It's in Markdown and easy to edit!
  • The tutorial code located in the absinthe_tutorial repository.