A framework for building create web apps – powered by Gleam and React!

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import gleam/int
import lustre
import lustre/element.{button, div, p, text}
import lustre/event.{dispatch, on_click}
import lustre/cmd

pub fn main() {
  let app = lustre.application(#(0, cmd.none()), update, render)
  lustre.start(app, "#app")

pub type Action {

fn update(state, action) {
  case action {
    Incr -> #(state + 1, cmd.none())
    Decr -> #(state - 1, cmd.none())

fn render(state) {
      button([on_click(dispatch(Decr))], [text("-")]),
      p([], [text(int.to_string(state))]),
      button([on_click(dispatch(Incr))], [text("+")]),

❗️ This package relies on Gleam’s JavaScript FFI and is intended to be run in the browser. It will not work if your are targetting Node.js or Erlang.


If available on Hex, this package can be added to your Gleam project:

gleam add lustre

and its documentation can be found at You will also need to install react and react-dom from npm:

npm i react react-dom


First, make sure you have both Gleam and Node.js installed, then:

npm i
npm start

This sets up chokidar to watch our gleam source code and runs the compiler whenever we make a change. It also starts a server that will serve the examples located in test/example/.