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HTML documents in Elixir/Erlang have traditionally been represented by a tuple-tree like:

{"html", [], [
  {"head", [], []}
  {"body", [], [
    {"h1", [{"id", "greeting"}], ["Hello, World!"]}]}]}

:mochiweb_html parsed HTML into this format, and the tools for selecting HTML used this format, so html5ever (the Elixir NIF) choose to output to this format as well.

Meeseeks accepts tuple-trees as input, creating Meeseeks.Documents from them.

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comment() View Source
comment() :: {:comment, String.t()}

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doctype() View Source
doctype() :: {:doctype, String.t(), String.t(), String.t()}

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element() View Source
element() :: {String.t(), [{String.t(), String.t()}], [node_t()]}

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processing_instruction() View Source
processing_instruction() ::
  {:pi, String.t()}
  | {:pi, String.t(), [{String.t(), String.t()}]}
  | {:pi, String.t(), String.t()}