mix phx.gen.release (Phoenix v1.6.6) View Source

Generates release files and optional Dockerfile for release-based deployments.

The following release files are created:

  • lib/app_name/release.ex - A release module containing tasks for running migrations inside a release

  • rel/overlays/bin/migrate - A migrate script for conveniently invoking the release system migrations

  • rel/overlays/bin/server - A server script for conveniently invoking the release system with environment variables to start the phoenix web server

Note, the rel/overlays directory is copied into the release build by default when running mix release.

When the --docker flag is passed, the following docker files are generated:

  • Dockerfile - The Dockerfile for use in any standard docker deployment

  • .dockerignore - A docker ignore file with standard elixir defaults

For extended release configuration, the mix release.inittask can be used in addition to this task. See the Mix.Release docs for more details.

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