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By default, Phoenix applications depend on several packages with different purposes. This page is a quick reference of the different packages you may work with as a Phoenix developer.

The main packages are:

  • Ecto - a language integrated query and database wrapper

  • Phoenix - the Phoenix web framework (these docs)

  • Phoenix LiveView - build rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML. The LiveView project also defines Phoenix.Component and the HEEx template engine, used for rendering HTML content in both regular and real-time applications

  • Plug - specification and conveniences for building composable modules web applications. This is the package responsible for the connection abstraction and the regular request- response life-cycle

You will also work with the following:

When peeking under the covers, you will find those libraries play an important role in Phoenix applications:

  • Phoenix HTML - building blocks for working with HTML and forms safely

  • Phoenix Ecto - plugs and protocol implementations for using phoenix with ecto

  • Phoenix PubSub - a distributed pub/sub system with presence support

When it comes to instrumentation and monitoring, check out: