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See the upgrade guide to upgrade from Phoenix 1.6.x.

Phoenix v1.7 requires Elixir v1.11+ & Erlang v22.1+.

Introduction of Verified Routes

Phoenix 1.7 includes a new Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes feature which provides ~p for route generation with compile-time verification.

Use of the sigil_p macro allows paths and URLs throughout your application to be compile-time verified against your Phoenix router(s). For example the following path and URL usages:

<.link href={~p"/sessions/new"} method="post">Log in</.link>

redirect(to: url(~p"/posts/#{post}"))

Will be verified against your standard Phoenix.Router definitions:

get "/posts/:post_id", PostController, :show
post "/sessions/new", SessionController, :create

Unmatched routes will issue compiler warnings:

warning: no route path for AppWeb.Router matches "/postz/#{post}"

Note: Elixir v1.14+ is required for comprehensive warnings. Older versions will work properly and warn on new compilations, but changes to the router file will not issue new warnings.

This feature replaces the Helpers module generated in your Phoenix router, but helpers will continue to work and be generated. You can disable router helpers by passing the helpers: false option to use Phoenix.Router. revamp

The application generator has been improved to rely on function components for both Controller and LiveView rendering, ultimately simplifying the rendering stack of Phoenix applications and providing better reuse.

New applications come with a collection of well-documented and accessible core components, styled with Tailwind CSS by default. You can opt-out of Tailwind CSS with the --no-tailwind flag (the Tailwind CSS classes are kept in the generated components as reference for future styling).

1.7.12 (2024-04-11)

JavaScript Client Bug Fixes

  • Fix all unjoined channels from being removed from the socket when channel leave is called on any single unjoined channel instance


  • [phx.gen.auth] Add enhanced session fixation protection. For applications whichs previously used phx.gen.auth, the following line can be added to the renew_session function in the auth module:

      defp renew_session(conn) do
    +   delete_csrf_token()
        |> configure_session(renew: true)
        |> clear_session()

    Note: because the session id is in a http-only cookie by default, the only way to perform this attack prior to this change is if your application was already vulnerable to an XSS attack, which itself grants more escalated "privileges” than the CSRF fixation.

JavaScript Client Enhancements

  • Only memorize longpoll fallback for browser session if WebSocket never had a successful connection

1.7.11 (2024-02-01)


  • [] Default to the Bandit webserver for newly generated applications
  • [] Enable longpoll transport by default and auto fallback when websocket fails for newly generated applications

JavaScript Client Enhancements

  • Support new longPollFallbackMs option to auto fallback when websocket fails to connect
  • Support new debug option to enable verbose logging


  • Deprecate the c:init/2 callback in endpoints in favor of config/runtime.exs or in favor of {Phoenix.Endpoint, options}

1.7.10 (2023-11-03)

Bug fixes

  • [] – fix CoreComponents.flash generating incorrect id's causing flash messages to fail to be closed when clicked


  • Support dynamic port for Endpoint.url/0

1.7.9 (2023-10-11)

Bug fixes

  • [Phoenix.CodeReloader] - Fix error in code reloader causing compilation errors
  • [] – fix LiveView debug heex configuration being generated when --no-html pas passed

1.7.8 (2023-10-09)

Bug fixes

  • [Phoenix.ChannelTest] Stringify lists when pushing data
  • [Phoenix.Controller] Fix filename when sending downloads with non-ascii names
  • [Phoenix.CodeReloader] Remove duplicate warnings on recent Elixir versions
  • [Phoenix.CodeReloader] Do not crash code reloader if file information is missing from diagnostic
  • [Phoenix.Logger] Do not crash when status is atom
  • [phx.gen.release] Fix mix phx.gen.release --docker failing with :http_util error on Elixir v1.15
  • [phx.gen.*] Skip map inputs in generated forms as there is no trivial matching input
  • [] Fix tailwind/esbuild config and paths in umbrella projects
  • [] Do not render th for actions if actions are empty


  • [Phoenix] Allow latest plug_crypto
  • [Phoenix.Endpoint] Support dynamic socket drainer configuration
  • [Phoenix.Logger] Change socket serializer/version logs to warning
  • [Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes] Add support for static resources with fragments in ~p
  • [phx.gen.schema] Support --repo and --migration-dir flags
  • [] Allow <.input type="checkbox"> without value attr in core components
  • [] Allow UTC datetimes in the generators
  • [] Automatically migrate when release starts when using sqlite 3
  • [] Allow ID to be assigned in flash component
  • [] Add --adapter flag for generating application with bandit
  • [] Include DNSCluster for simple clustering
  • [phx.routes] Support --method option

1.7.7 (2023-07-10)


  • Support incoming binary payloads to channels over longpoll transport

1.7.6 (2023-06-16)

Bug Fixes

  • Support websock_adapter 0.5.3


  • Allow using Phoenix.ChannelTest socket/connect in another process

1.7.5 (2023-06-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix LongPoll error when draining connections

1.7.4 (2023-06-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the WebSocket draining sending incorrect close code when draining causing LiveViews to reload the page instead of reconnecting

1.7.3 (2023-05-30)


  • Use LiveView 0.19 for new apps

Bug Fixes

  • Fix compilation error page on plug debugger showing obscure error when app fails to compile
  • Fix warnings being printed twice in route verification

1.7.2 (2023-03-20)


  • [Endpoint] Add socket draining for batched and orchestrated Channel/LiveView socket shutdown
  • [code reloader] Improve the compilation error page to remove horizontal scrolling and include all warnings and errors from compilation
  • [] Support the --no-tailwind and --no-esbuild flags
  • [] Move heroicons to assets/vendor
  • [] Simplify core modal to use the new JS.exec instruction to reduce footprint
  • [sockets] Allow custom csrf_token_keys in WebSockets

1.7.1 (2023-03-02)


  • [] Embed heroicons in app.css bundle to optimize usage

1.7.0 (2023-02-24)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix race conditions in the longpoll transport by batching messages

1.7.0-rc.3 (2023-02-15)


  • Use stream based collections for generators
  • Update generators to use Phoenix.Component.to_form

1.7.0-rc.2 (2023-01-13)

Bug Fixes

  • [Router] Fix routing bug causing incorrect matching order on similar routes
  • [] Fix installation hanging in some cases

1.7.0-rc.1 (2023-01-06)


  • Raise if using verified routes outside of functions
  • Add tailwind.install/esbuild.install to mix setup

Bug Fixes

  • [Presence] fix task shutdown match causing occasional presence errors
  • [VerifiedRoutes] Fix expansion causing more compile-time deps than necessary
  • [phx.gen.auth] Add password inputs to password reset edit form
  • [phx.gen.embedded] Fixes missing :references generation to phx.gen.embedded
  • Fix textarea rendering in core components
  • Halt all sockets on intercept to fix longpoll response already sent error

1.7.0-rc.0 (2022-11-07)


  • Phoenix.Controller.get_flash has been deprecated in favor of the new Phoenix.Flash module, which provides unified flash access


  • [Router] Add Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes for ~p-based route generation with compile-time verification.
  • [Router] Support helpers: false to use Phoenix.Router to disable helper generation
  • [Router] Add --info [url] switch to phx.routes to get route information about a url/path
  • [Flash] Add Phoenix.Flash for unfied flash access

JavaScript Client Bug Fixes

  • Fix heartbeat being sent after disconnect and causing abnormal disconnects


The CHANGELOG for v1.6 releases can be found in the v1.6 branch.