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rebar3 hex publish - publish packages and docs

Builds and publishing a new version of a package and docs.

  $ rebar3 hex publish

The current authenticated user will be the package owner. Only package owners can publish the package, new owners can be added with the rebar3 hex owner task.

Packages and documentation sizes are limited to 8mb compressed, and 64mb uncompressed. By default this provider will build both a package tarball and docs tarball. Before attempting to publish your package see the section below on documentation.


Publishing Documentation

By default rebar3_hex will not generate or publish docs. You must add a doc provider to your the hex config in either your global rebar.config (i.e., ~/.config/rebar3/rebar.config) or locally in a projects rebar.config.

We recommend using rebar3_ex_doc for publishing documentation along with your package for a consistent format and style on hexpm.

Example :

  {ex_doc, [
     {source_url, <<"">>},
     {extras, [<<"">>, <<"LICENSE">>]},
     {main, <<"readme">>}
  {hex, [{doc, ex_doc}]}.

Alternatively you can use the edoc provider that ships with rebar3 :

  {hex, [{doc, edoc}]}.

The expected result of the task is the generated documentation located in the either doc/ directory with an index.html file or the directory you have configured the documentation provider to use.

The documentation will be accessible at, will always redirect to the latest published version.

When a doc provider is configured documentation will be built and published automatically. To publish a package without documentation run mix rebar3 hex publish package or to only publish documentation run rebar3 hex publish docs.


Reverting a package

A new package can be reverted or updated within 24 hours of it's initial publish, a new version of an existing package can be reverted or updated within one hour. Documentation have no limitations on when it can be updated.

To update the package simply run the rebar hex publish task again. To revert run rebar3 hex publish --revert VERSION or to only revert the documentation run rebar3 hex publish docs --revert VERSION.

If the last version is reverted, the package is removed.


Command line options

  • -a, --app - Specify which app you want to publish without being prompted to choose. This option is required when reverting a package, otherwise it's only useful in the context of an umbrella.
  • -r, --repo - Specify the repository work with. This option is required when you have multiple repositories configured, including organizations. The argument must be a fully qualified repository name (e.g, hexpm, hexpm:my_org, my_own_hexpm). Defaults to hexpm.
  • -y, --yes - Publishes the package without any confirmation prompts
  • --replace - Allows overwriting an existing package version if it exists. Private packages can always be overwritten, public packages can only be overwritten within one hour after they were initially published.
  • --revert VERSION - Revert the given version. If the last version is reverted, the package is removed.
  • --dry-run - Performs a dry run of the publish task (i.e., it won't actually publish).
  • --doc-dir - The option may be used in case there is no doc provider available for your desired method of generating documentation. Instead of finding and running a doc provider, rebar3_hex will simply gather the files specified in the directory given to this option. Be sure your docs are up to date before publishing with this option.

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-spec do(rebar_state:t()) -> {ok, rebar_state:t()} | {error, term()}.
-spec format_error(any()) -> iolist().
-spec init(rebar_state:t()) -> {ok, rebar_state:t()}.
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publish(State, Repo, App, Args)

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publish_docs(State, Repo, App, Args)

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publish_package(State, Repo, App, Args)

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