View Source rebar3_hex_user (rebar3_hex v7.0.7)

rebar3 hex user - Hex user tasks.


Register a user

  $ rebar3 hex user register


Print the current user

  $ rebar3 hex user whoami


Authorize a new user

  $ rebar3 hex user auth [--key-name KEY_NAME]


Deauthorize the user

Deauthorizes the user from the local machine by removing the API key from the Hex config.

  $ rebar3 hex user deauth


Generate user key

Generates an unencrypted API key for your account. Keys generated by this command will be owned by you and will give access to your private resources, do not share this key with anyone. For keys that will be shared by organization members use rebar3 hex organization key instead. By default this command sets the api:write permission which allows write access to the API, it can be overridden with the --permission flag.

  $ rebar3 hex user key generate [--key-name KEY_NAME] [--permission PERMISSION]


Revoke key

Removes given key from account. The key can no longer be used to authenticate API requests.

  $ rebar3 hex user key revoke NAME KEY_NAME


Revoke all keys

Revoke all keys from your account.

  $ rebar3 hex user key revoke --all


List keys

Lists all keys associated with the organization.

  $ rebar3 hex user key list


Reset user account password

Starts the process for resetting account password.

  rebar3 hex user reset_password account


Reset local password

  rebar3 hex user reset_password local


Command line options

  • --repo - Specify the repository to work with. This option is required when you have multiple repositories configured, including organizations. The argument must be a fully qualified repository name (e.g, hexpm, hexpm:my_org, my_own_hexpm). Default to hexpm.
  • --message "MESSAGE" - Required message (up to 140 characters) clarifying the retirement reason
  • --key-name KEY_NAME - By default Hex will base the key name on your machine's hostname and the organization name, use this option to give your own name.
  • --permission PERMISSION - Sets the permissions on the key, this option can be given multiple times, possible values are:

    • api:read - API read access.
    • api:write - API write access.
    • repository:ORGANIZATION_NAME - Access to the repository (this is the default permission).
    • repositories - Access to repositories for all organizations you are member of.