API Reference sentry v8.0.6


Provides the basic functionality to submit a Sentry.Event to the Sentry Service.

This module interfaces directly with Sentry via HTTP.

This module provides the functionality for fetching configuration settings and their defaults.

Provides functionality to store user, tags, extra, and breadcrumbs context when an event is reported. The contexts will be fetched and merged into the event when it is sent.

Provides an Event Struct as well as transformation of Logger entries into Sentry Events.

This module defines a Behaviour for filtering Sentry events. There is one callback to implement. The first argument will be the exception reported, and the second is the source. Events from Sentry.PlugCapture will have :plug as a source and events from Sentry.LoggerBackend will have :logger as the source. A custom source can also be specified by passing the event_source option to Sentry.capture_exception/2.

Specifies the API for using a custom HTTP Client.

The built-in HTTP client.

Report Logger events like crashed processes to Sentry. To include in your application, start this backend in your application start/2 callback

Provides basic functionality to handle and send errors occurring within Plug applications, including Phoenix. It is intended for usage with Sentry.PlugContext.

This module adds Sentry context metadata during the request in a Plug application. It includes defaults for scrubbing sensitive data, and options for customizing it by default.

This module is responsible for providing functionality that stores the text of source files during compilation for displaying the source code that caused an exception.

Provides basic utility functions.

Mix Tasks

Send test even to check if Sentry configuration is correct.