snowhite v1.1.4 API Reference


This module is meant to be used to define profile set. This module generates some convenience modules.

Represents modules disposition on a 3 by 3 layout. Modules are registered as {module, args}.

The module builder is the one responsible for building modules. It's basically a wrapper over Phoenix's LiveView but with some extra sugar.

Builds a month calendar from a given date.

Helper module to write milliseconds in a readable way. The goal of this module is help you quickly remember what milliseconds time you set instead of having to decode it yourself. Let's be honest, it's easier to understand 1h 30m and 10seconds than 5410000m than 5410000ms.

Atomic clock server that syncs the time between clock modules.

Polls a given list of feeds in parrallel.

Represents a RSS item that is displayable in the view

Server that holds polled feeds and syncs them

Shortens url using a given url shortener and keeps the value persisted in a dets table

Provide current days sunset and next day's sunrise.

Handles view logic of the rendered page for a given Profile.