API Reference ash_authentication_phoenix v2.0.0


Welcome to AshAuthentication.Pheonix.

Renders a very simple banner at the top of the sign-in component.

Helpers which are commonly needed inside the various components.

Generates a sign-in for for a resource using the "Magic link" strategy.

Generates a sign-in button for OAuth2.

Generates sign in, registration and reset forms for a resource.

Function components for dealing with form input during password authentication.

Generates a default registration form.

Generates a default password reset form.

Renders a password-reset form.

Generates a default password reset form.

Renders sign in mark-up for an authenticated resource.

The authentication controller generator.

Ensures that any loaded users which are present in a conn's assigns are also present in a live view socket's assigns.

Behaviour for overriding component styles and attributes in your application.

This is the default overrides for our component UI.

Auto generates documentation and helpers for components.

Helper plugs mixed in to your router.

A generic, white-label password reset page.

Phoenix route generation for AshAuthentication.

A generic, white-label sign-in page.

Utility functions for sending and receiving flash messages.