AWS.SageMakerFeatureStoreRuntime (aws-elixir v0.8.0) View Source

Contains all data plane API operations and data types for the Amazon SageMaker Feature Store.

Use this API to put, delete, and retrieve (get) features from a feature store.

Use the following operations to configure your OnlineStore and OfflineStore features, and to create and manage feature groups:

CreateFeatureGroup DeleteFeatureGroup

DescribeFeatureGroup ListFeatureGroups

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batch_get_record(client, input, options \\ [])

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Retrieves a batch of Records from a FeatureGroup.

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delete_record(client, feature_group_name, input, options \\ [])

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Deletes a Record from a FeatureGroup.

A new record will show up in the OfflineStore when the DeleteRecord API is called. This record will have a value of True in the is_deleted column.

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get_record(client, feature_group_name, feature_names \\ nil, record_identifier_value_as_string, options \\ [])

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Use for OnlineStore serving from a FeatureStore.

Only the latest records stored in the OnlineStore can be retrieved. If no Record with RecordIdentifierValue is found, then an empty result is returned.

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put_record(client, feature_group_name, input, options \\ [])

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Used for data ingestion into the FeatureStore.

The PutRecord API writes to both the OnlineStore and OfflineStore. If the record is the latest record for the recordIdentifier, the record is written to both the OnlineStore and OfflineStore. If the record is a historic record, it is written only to the OfflineStore.