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Available Options

List of Bootleg options


Option Description Default
app The OTP application name. Project app_name
version The application version to build. Project version
env Sets or overrides the Bootleg environment. "production"
mix_env Overrides the Mix environment. "prod"
build_type Specifies which build strategy to use, from: :local, :docker, :remote. :remote
release_args List of arguments to pass to mix distillery.release ["--quiet"]


Option Description Default
ex_path Base path to the project. If your Mix project is not at the top level of your repository (e.g. if using pango or an umbrella application), this can be used to point Bootleg at where the build should take place. (Most applicable to remote build servers.) File.cwd!/0
clean_locations For remote builds, a list of locations can be specified that should be cleaned (files deleted) in the clean task. *

Source code management

Option Description Default
refspec The Git refspec to use for push operations to remote build servers. "master"
git_mode Which Git strategy to use for remote build servers.
:push effects a git push to your build server
:pull will attempt to do a git pull from your build server.
repo_url The Git repository URL. Required when setting git_mode to :pull. nil

Docker configuration

Option Description Default
docker_build_image The name of the Docker image to use. Required when setting build_type to :docker. nil
docker_build_opts An optional list of additional arguments to pass when executing docker run. []
docker_build_mount An optional mount configuration to use when executing docker run. Mounts current directory as /opt/build