API Reference Earmark v1.4.20



Abstract Syntax Tree and Rendering

The AST generation has now been moved out to EarmarkParser which is installed as a dependency.

Tools for AST manipulation

The Earmark CLI

Functional (with the exception of reading input files with Earmark.File) interface to the CLI returning the device and the string to be output.

This acts as a proxy to adapt to changes in EarmarkParser's API

All public functions that are internal to Earmark, so that only external API functions are public in Earmark

This is a superset of the options that need to be passed into EarmarkParser.as_ast/2

Single Access Point to the impure System Interfcae

This struct represents a list of tuples {tag, function} from which a postprocessing function can be constructed

Structure Conserving Transformers

For the convenience of processing the output of EarmarkParser.as_ast we expose two structure conserving mappers.