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Fetches or opens documentation of a package.

If no version is specified, defaults to version used in the current mix project. If called outside of a mix project or the dependency is not used in the current mix project, defaults to the latest version.


Fetch documentation for all dependencies in the current mix project

$ mix fetch


Fetch documentation for offline use

Fetches documentation for the specified package that you can later open with mix offline.

$ mix fetch PACKAGE [VERSION]


Open a browser window with offline documentation

$ mix offline PACKAGE [VERSION]


Open a browser window with online documentation

$ mix online PACKAGE [VERSION]


Command line options

  • --module Some.Module - Open a specified module documentation page inside desired package
  • --organization ORGANIZATION - Set this for private packages belonging to an organization
  • --latest - Looks for the latest release of a package
  • --format epub - When opening documentation offline, use this flag to open the epub formatted version