mix hex.docs (Hex v0.21.2) View Source

Fetches or opens documentation of a package.

If no version is specified, defaults to version used in the current mix project. If called outside of a mix project or the dependency is not used in the current mix project, defaults to the latest version.

Fetch documentation for all dependencies in the current mix project

mix hex.docs fetch

Fetch documentation for offline use

Fetches documentation for the specified package that you can later open with mix hex.docs offline.

mix hex.docs fetch PACKAGE [VERSION]

Open a browser window with offline documentation

mix hex.docs offline PACKAGE [VERSION]

Open a browser window with online documentation

mix hex.docs online PACKAGE [VERSION]

Command line options

  • --module Some.Module - Open a specified module documentation page inside desired package
  • --organization ORGANIZATION - Set this for private packages belonging to an organization
  • --latest - Looks for the latest release of a package
  • --format epub - When opening documentation offline, use this flag to open the epub formatted version