mix hex.retire (Hex v0.21.2) View Source

Retires a package version.


mix hex.retire PACKAGE VERSION --unretire

Mark a package as retired when you no longer recommend it's usage. A retired package is still resolvable and usable but it will be flagged as retired in the repository and a message will be displayed to users when they use the package.

Retirement reasons

  • renamed - The package has been renamed, including the new package name in the message
  • deprecated - The package has been deprecated, if there's a replacing package include it in the message
  • security - There are security issues with this package
  • invalid - The package is invalid, for example it does not compile correctly
  • other - Any other reason not included above, clarify the reason in the message

Command line options

  • --message "MESSAGE" - Required message (up to 140 characters) clarifying the retirement reason
  • --organization ORGANIZATION - Set this for private packages belonging to an organization