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Specifies expected behaviour of an HTTP client.

Kadena allows you to use your HTTP client of choice, provided that it can be coerced into complying with this module's specification. The default is :hackney.

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@type body() :: binary()
@type headers() :: [{binary(), binary()}, ...]
@type method() :: :get | :post | :put | :delete
@type options() :: Keyword.t()
@type response() :: {:ok, map()}
@type response_error() :: {:error, Kadena.Chainweb.Error.t()}
@type status() :: non_neg_integer()

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request(method, url, headers, body, options)

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@callback request(
  method :: method(),
  url :: binary(),
  headers :: headers(),
  body :: binary(),
  options :: options()
) :: response() | response_error()