View Source Kadena.Chainweb.Pact.ListenResponse (Kadena v0.19.1)

ListenResponse struct definition.

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@type continuation() :: map() | nil
@type events() :: [map()] | nil
@type gas() :: number()
@type logs() :: String.t() | nil
@type meta_data() :: map() | nil
@type req_key() :: String.t()
@type result() :: map()
@type t() :: %Kadena.Chainweb.Pact.ListenResponse{
  continuation: continuation(),
  events: events(),
  gas: gas(),
  logs: logs(),
  meta_data: meta_data(),
  req_key: req_key(),
  result: result(),
  tx_id: tx_id()
@type tx_id() :: number() | nil