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Specifies functions to build PACT execution command requests.

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@type cmd() :: String.t()
@type code() :: String.t()
@type command() :: Kadena.Types.Command.t()
@type data() :: Kadena.Types.EnvData.t() | nil
@type hash() :: String.t()
@type json_string_payload() :: String.t()
@type keypair() :: Kadena.Types.KeyPair.t()
@type keypairs() :: [keypair()]
@type meta_data() :: Kadena.Types.MetaData.t()
@type network_id() :: Kadena.Types.NetworkID.t()
@type nonce() :: String.t()
@type pact_payload() :: Kadena.Types.PactPayload.t()
@type sign_command() :: Kadena.Types.SignCommand.t()
@type sign_commands() :: [sign_command()]
@type signatures() :: [Kadena.Types.Signature.t()]
@type signers() :: [Kadena.Types.Signer.t()]
@type t() :: %Kadena.Pact.ExecCommand{
  code: code(),
  data: data(),
  keypairs: keypairs(),
  meta_data: meta_data(),
  network_id: network_id(),
  nonce: nonce(),
  signers: signers()
@type valid_command() :: {:ok, command()}
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@type valid_command_json_string() :: {:ok, json_string_payload()}
@type valid_payload() :: {:ok, pact_payload()}
@type valid_sign_commands() :: {:ok, sign_commands()}
@type valid_signatures() :: {:ok, signatures()}