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MetaData struct definition.

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@type chain_id() :: Kadena.Types.ChainID.t()
@type chain_id_arg() :: String.t()
@type creation_time() :: number()
@type gas_limit() :: number()
@type gas_price() :: number()
@type sender() :: String.t()
@type t() :: %Kadena.Types.MetaData{
  chain_id: chain_id(),
  creation_time: creation_time(),
  gas_limit: gas_limit(),
  gas_price: gas_price(),
  sender: sender(),
  ttl: ttl()
@type ttl() :: number()
@type validation() :: {:ok, values()} | {:error, Keyword.t()}
@type values() ::
  creation_time() | ttl() | gas_limit() | gas_price() | sender() | chain_id()